• “The best in green beauty. Soothes redness and softens fine lines and wrinkles” —Los Angeles Confidential
  • “I carry it with me all the time. I love it!” —Morena Baccarin
  • “Unbelievable! It has kept my skin in great shape. I love it.” –Ewan McGregor
  • “I just love this product. I feel like I’m spoiling myself every time I apply it”–No More Dirty Looks
  • “You will wonder what you ever did before using Lina Hanson’s Global Serums”– Bare Beauty
  • “I love it! I look forward to trying anything that you make.” —Nikki Reed
  • “Your wonderful oil is with me, Thank you!” —Kristin Davis
  • “It’s amazing, sincerely amazing!” —Ellen Page
  • “Gets your complexion glowing!” —Ebony
  • “The most luxurious thing you’ll ever put on your face!”—DailyCandy
  • “One of the best-kept secrets in the Industry” —
  • “Best Natural Face Serum 2012 Organic Beauty Talk Award Winner” —

The Journey

“In my travels as a makeup artist, I’ve worked with people of all skin types and skin issues. The one thing that we can all agree on is the importance of beautiful skin. Achieving that perfect complexion is what we all strive for. We spend so much money on luxurious creams and procedures to achieve it, not realizing the products we use are filled with dangerous toxins that harm our skin.

I believe using pure and natural ingredients derived from the earth will help your skin get the nutrients it needs to look its best. Thus, I made it my goal to source the most pure, anti‐aging essential oils in the world. I collected oils from countries like Morocco, South Africa, India, Tunisia, Japan and Peru to discover that these ingredients have been used and cherished by people for centuries.
I was puzzled, why did we use toxic beauty products mass-produced in big factories when the ones derived from earth has helped heal people since the beginning of time?

I decided it was time for everyone to reap the benefits of these powerful ingredients. My goal was to create a chemical-free alternative to these harsh skin care products that would help promote a glowing complexion for everyone, no matter the age, ethnicity or skin-type. I spent over two years developing my first product Global Face Serum, and have continued to make new blends and products since.
I hope you will join me on this exciting journey. Our planet is beautiful. Let’s help each other take care of it by using products that are good for the earth, and great for our skin!”

The Brand

100% Natural   

The Lina Hanson brand was founded on a belief in Global Beauty. We celebrate all ethnicities, skin-types and ages by providing 100% natural products that work wonders for everyone, no matter their geographic location.

We believe that Mother Earth has provided us with the best ingredients to heal our skin. For centuries, people all around the world have used natural oils and herbs to treat different skin-issues. We are committed to bringing back these ‘skin-care secrets’ by making them easily attainable for all.

We believe that by supporting sustainable harvesting, we can help make a positive difference in people’s lives. Therefore, we strive to build relationships with women’s cooperatives, farmers and artisans worldwide to obtain the highest quality ingredients that will not only help heal ourselves, but our entire planet.

Our products are hand-blended in small batches using the highest quality natural & organic ingredients. 


100% Natural
Size: 30ml/1 fl oz.
Price: $85.00

* Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
* Reduces inflammation and skin irritation
* Improves complexion and restores elasticity
* Absorbs quickly into the skin
* In addition, the essential oils in our unique aromatic blend are known to uplift mood, relieve anxiety and promote a sense of positive wellbeing.
* Completely free of parabens, artificial fragrance, silicone, petrochemicals, synthetic fragrances or any other chemical ingredient.


Shake well and apply one pump both morning and night to clean, dry face.



100% Natural
Size: 100ml/3.4 fl oz.
Price: $63.00

*Relieves dryness and improves skin elasticity
*Non-greasy and quick absorbing
*Contains ingredients known to improve skin circulation
*Leaves your skin silky smooth.
*Completely free of parabens, artificial fragrance, silicone, petrochemicals, or any other chemical ingredient.


Shake well and apply to damp or dry skin.


100% Natural

Size: 60ml/2 fl oz.

Price: $35.00


*Nourishes and soothes delicate skin.

*Gentle and safe for newborns.

*Suitable for cradle cap and baby massages.

*Non-greasy and quick absorbing.

*Increases skin elasticity and helps treat and prevent stretch marks. (Excellent for pregnant bellies and new mamas)

*Completely free of essential oils, tree nut oil, parabens, artificial fragrance, silicone, petrochemicals, synthetic fragrances or any other chemical ingredient.


Warm oil between hands. Gently massage the oil into baby’s skin. Add to bath water to moisturize and soften.

Satori Perfume


100% Natural

Size: 8ml/0.27 oz

Price: $105.00

The result of Lina’s journey to the Far East: An invigorating and uplifting scent that awakens the senses with warm vanilla, grounding sandalwood, and notes of crisp and refreshing japanese yuzu and ginger.

“My goal was to create a perfume that evokes the beauty of the landscape and culture of the Far East. An elegant, sexy and unique scent that transports you to the most exotic and remote areas of Thailand, Japan, and China.”


Apply directly onto skin at pulse points- neck, inside wrists and behind ears.





— Highly sustainable and socially-conscious oil, harvested by the women in South Africa. Marula harvesting has become a source of income for the women living in communities around South Africa. It is rich in antioxidants, anti-aging properties and is said to be a more potent
source of vitamin C than oranges.



—In Africa this oil is known as the ‘Tree Of Life.” Baobab has been used by African women for centuries to protect their skin against the harsh savannah desert. It also helps prevent and treat dry skin conditions.


Camellia Seed

—The secret for Japanese women’s flawless and porcelain complexion. It moisturizes, brightens the skin, lightens age spots and prevents the formation of wrinkles.



—Produced from the fruits of the Argania Spinosa tree in Morocco. This rare oil is known to protect against premature aging, hydrate the skin and neutralize free radicals. Argan oil is produced by a women’s cooperative, and the earnings provide support to their entire community.


Brazil Nut

— From the Amazon Rainforest of Peru, this oil is rich in alpha and oleic acids to maintain smooth, younger looking skin. This oil supports the local farmers to preserve the rainforest, by providing them with means of earnings that doesn’t involve cutting down timber.


Pumpkin Seed

— This highly moisturizing oil is originated in Austria. It possesses very high levels of anti-oxidants, and can decrease redness on the skin caused by rosacea.



—This essential oil has been used in ancient China for centuries. Nowadays it is produced in Italy. Mandarin promotes a finer textured skin and helps remove any congestion as well as acne scars.



— Produced by small growing co-ops in Tunisia. This anti-aging oil improves elasticity, stimulates new cell growth and softens wrinkles and scars.



—For centuries, people in the Egypt have used this sought after oil for a number of reasons. It has incredible properties that help rejuvenate the skin and prevent the formation of wrinkles.



—This sweet-rose smelling oil from India, moisturizes your skin yet balances the hydration levels. It also helps fight minor skin infections.


Ylang Ylang

—This essential oil is derived from the flowers of the Ylang Ylang tree in Indonesia. It’s perfect for combination skin, due to its ability to help balance both dry and oily skin.


Rice Bran

—This moisturizing oil originated in Japan and has been used in japanese cultures for centuries. The women in Japan using this oil are often called “Rice Bran Beauties” due to its wonderful moisturizing and anti-aging effects. Rice bran oil known to reverse the effect of aging by slowing the formulation of wrinkles.


Apricot Kernel

—The hunza people of northern Pakistan are known for being some of the healthiest people in the world, and apricot kernel oil has been their beauty secret for ages. This oil is very rich in Vitamin E and is known for its ability to penetrate the skin without leaving an oily feel.



—Yuzu comes from a small tree called Citrus Junos. It originated in Tibet and has been cultivated in Japan for many years. The japanese farmers grew these fruits for culinary and medicinal purposes. It has a long tradition and is believed to heal chapped and irritated skin. The yuzu fruit can help provide skin circulation and exfoliate dead skin cells.



—This oil comes from the vanilla beans grown in Madagascar and takes up to six months to produce. Vanilla oil is a good source of rich antioxidants, which help to neutralize the activity of free radicals in the body.


Pink Grapefruit

—This oil comes from the Citrus Paradisi plant in the USA. This sweet and fresh smelling oil has the ability to help reduce cellulite, tone congested skin, and works as an excellent detoxifier. It increases circulation and can even help treat stiffness and cramps in muscles.



—This soothing oil is rich in A,B,D and E vitamins and gives a soothing and softening effect on the skin. Avocado oil is easily absorbed into the skin and has been used to relieve dryness and itching of eczema and other skin conditions. It is also very useful when treating sun and climate damaged skin. Its cultivation helps protects the environment and improve living standards for farmers throughout Chile.


Kalahari Melon

—This oil has been highly prized in West Africa for thousands of years. The Kalahari seeds are harvested by women’s cooperatives in Africa. These fair-trade practices provide support for their entire communities. Its highly moisturizing and soothing effect makes it an excellent ingredient in our baby oil.

Giving Back

We’re committed to making a positive difference in the world, and love to support anything that aims to bring awareness to challenges facing people and our environment.
With the same passion and commitment we have used when sourcing the world’s most sought-after ingredients, we also believe in giving back to the people and organizations that make a positive difference.

Every few months, we announce a charitable organization that will receive a part of our net sales. We carefully select charities that truly make a difference. We take pride in teaming up with charities that need our support, and work to build long-lasting relationships with them.

Learn more about the charities we work with on our blog.

If you have a suggestion on a charity you think we should know about, please share at:


Lina Hanson

Celebrity makeup artist and Natural Beauty Expert Lina Hanson was born and raised in Sweden where eco-conscious living was an engrained part of her life. As a natural explorer, Lina moved to New York City where she trained to become a makeup artist.

After years of training, Lina moved to Los Angeles to further her career as a makeup artist. Today, Lina is one of Hollywood’s top makeup artists and natural beauty experts. She has worked with some of Hollywood’s most celebrated artists such as, Naomi Watts, Natalie Portman, Brooke Shields, Ellen DeGeneres, Portia de Rossi, Mandy Moore, Javier Bardem, Orlando Bloom and Ewan McGregor. Her work has appeared in countless publications including Vogue, Elle, W, Harper’s Bazaar and Instyle.

Lina is the author of the book “Eco-Beautiful—The Ultimate Guide to Natural Beauty and Wellness,” (published by Rodale) in which she covers everything from caring for your skin to creating a makeup look using all natural products.

Lina’s commitment to using green beauty products sparked the launch of her own product line, which is the result of years of research and sourcing of natural and exotic ingredients. Lina, with the help of her husband Kordo have founded an entire skin care & beauty  line inspired by Global Beauty. 100% natural products that works for everyone, no matter the age, skin-type or ethnicity.

Lina writes a beauty+travel blog where she shares stories and tips on natural and ethical beauty related topics. Through her blog she also brings the readers on her travels worldwide, as she sources ingredients for her product line and draws inspiration from the diverse people she meets.

Through her book, blog and all-natural product line, Lina is committed to share the knowledge that you don’t have to sacrifice the way you look by going green.

To view some of Lina’s makeup work please visit agency:


“Unbelievable! I just completed a three week trip with UNICEF through India, Nepal and Congo. I used the serum almost every night and though the trip has been extreme with sun, heat, dirt and lack of washing it has kept my skin in great shape. I love it. I will be ordering more.”

Ewan McGregor, Actor

“It is amazing, sincerely amazing and I am not the type of person that has “products.” Congrats on creating such an awesome and ethical product.”

Ellen Page, Actress

“This product is a miracle worker. That one formula can have such a wide range of benefits is unusual. Improved skin texture, radiance and freshness all in one daily pump. It’s a must-have for not just every makeup artist but for every woman or man that’s looking for beautiful skin.”

Jeanine Lobell, Celebrity Makeup Artist

“I’ve been using the serum for a couple of weeks now and I love it! It balances the moisture without feeling greasy. And it smells very natural and earthy. I carry it around with me all the time. Well done.”

Morena Baccarin, Actress

“Loving your Global Face Serum. It smells so good, fresh and clean. I love wearing it to bed.”

Jo Strettell, Celebrity Makeup Artist

“I luckily got the Global Face Serum from Lina after returning from a trip to Hawaii, where my face got a little sunburned. I instantly felt how my dehydrated skin just soaked up the rich, and silky, but yet no greasy, oil. The oil is without a doubt most moisturizing. I use it everyday and my complexion has really improved. It gives my skin a glow and makes it baby soft. And I love its natural smell of Neroli, Palmarosa and Ylang Ylang. This is a great product!”

Izabella Scorupco, Actress & Model

“I’ve been using this serum through wind, sun and dust and as a true Nature Kid there is no better feeling then to put on some of Lina’s healing oils. I love the smell and texture and I am now officially addicted.” –

Lykke Li, Musician

“I love it! Looking forward to trying anything that you make!” –

Nikki Reed, Actress

“Your wonderful oil is with me. Thank you!” –

Kristin Davis, Actress

“You already know I love your face oil, but your new BODY oil. It’s amazing!” –

Katey Denno, Celebrity Makeup Artist

“Thank you so much for the Global Face Serum. I am obsessed!” –

Katie Lowes, Actress



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